Kurs animacji 3d i efektów specjalnych


Platige Academy is a visual arts-oriented training course established as a part of Platige Image’s long-term educational initiative. The coursework includes classes on 3D animation and special effects as well as organizing and managing production. The course is aimed at both beginners and professionals interested in a career in the film business or other creative industries.
The classes involve practical application of acquired knowledge and stimulate the students to start developing projects on their own. To this end, the Platige Academy classes will be taught by professionals currently employed in the industry, including artists associated with Platige Image and guests from renowned animation studios from around the globe.
We plan to expand our offer, so that aside from purely technical capabilities, our students also acquire knowledge and skills related to the entire film production process: from developing ideas, through storytelling, drafting a screenplay, individual production stages, and up to marketing the movie.
Platige Academy graduates will have the skills and the opportunity to launch a world-class career.


The course was the initial part of the long-term initiative of Platige Academy.


The course was created for the young people fascinated with computer animation who wish to pursue it as their career. The mission of the course was educating specialists ready to participate in technologically advanced projects. We taught how to combine practical abilities with organisation and culture of team work.
Computer Graphics has ceased to be the „property” of entertainment. Impressive technological progress made it a part of industry, culture and education. It supports science, medicine, history – it is present in many areas of life, helps to describe and understand the world that surrounds us better. It is created by graphic artists who combine technology with art. The world of animation is the world of dynamically changing tools, large teams, projects created in different time zones. The field needs specialists who know the software and are creative as well as find their place in international, multicultural environment.
Platige Image and CD Projekt RED designed a course using the many years of experience gained when creating commercials and special effects. We know the requirements of working at complex animation projects very well. With the course we wanted to offer educational programme which could enable the best young artists to join the circles of professionals.
2012-2013 course was co-financed by the Polish Film Institute.


We created an original programme focused on the process of film production. The main subjects corresponded with stages of VFX workflow. The taught by artists who regularly work on projects for Platige Image and CD Projekt RED.
During the course all participants worked on one short film – “How To Train Your Robot”. The idea to create a pastiche of blockbuster movie came from Tomek Bagiński who also became director of the short. It tells a story of a robot who is dedicated to become a professional boxer.
In order to re-create conditions of professional workflow in bigger projects the students were divided into two groups – Assets Creation (AC Group) and Render-Compositing (RC Group). The members of the former are responsible for preparing the model and textures of the robot. RC Group dealt with rendering and composing the image. Each stage of production was supervised by tutors of the main subjects such as Modelling and Texturing, Shading, Rendering and Compositing. The final result of their work can be seen here.
The courses’ second aim was to show a broader view on different stages of creating animation to give future specialists a good basic knowledge of other areas. They gained knowledge of animation, layout, visual concept work, VFX and DI.
The course consisted of 15 weekend meetings which included lectures. Additionally, during the week the participants could work independently in a professionally-equipped workshop. They can also use the support of their teachers.